Drop-In Solutions

Opinous Search Kit


The Opinous Search Kit is our drop-in SEO metadata solution designed to get Google compatible review metadata into any website in under five minutes.

The Search Kit is the simplest of our drop-in solutions as it does not add any visual elements to your page. Search Kit will only add invisible 'metadata' that can be seen by search engines such as Google. This data is then used to more richly rank and display your site in local search results.


To get started using Search Kit you will need to get the API Identifier of the Opinous Location you are working on.

You can find the API Identifier of the Location you are working on in the "Developers" section of the Management Dashboard.

Once you have the API Identifier you can construct the Search Kit tag by replacing <LOCATION_ID> in the following snippet with your own API Identifier:

<script async src="https://js.opinous.com/l/<LOCATION_ID>/searchkit.js"></script>

Simply place the snippet at the end of the <head> tag on your page and our platform will take care of the rest!

It's important to note that Search Kit is not designed to be placed on an Organization wide home page. It should only be placed onto a page dedicated to a particular location or branch.


I can't see Search Kit on my website

Opinous Search Kit does not add any visual elements to your site so you won't be able to see it working without a special tool.

You can verify that the Search Kit was installed correctly by visiting the Google Structured Data Testing Tool and entering the URL of the page which you have added Search Kit to.

Search Kit is not inserting any metadata onto my page

Search Kit only starts to add metadata to your site once you have published reviews. You will need at least one published review on Opinous in order to see metadata on your page.

Search Kit is showing an outdated average score

In order to provide your website's visitors with a lighting fast experience we use a variety of aggresive caching techniques to deliver Search Kit.

When a new review is posted your average score is recalculated instantly however it may take up to an hour before all visitors to your website see the new score.

Google isn't displaying a star rating

It can take up to 72 hours for Google to start showing your Opinous Search Kit rating in it's search results.

If it has been more than 72 hours since you installed Search Kit on your site please contact support and we'll do our best to help get the issue sorted.